Arts & Krafts

— International Finalist —

The One Show, The Young Ones competition international finalist, awarded with a merit. Our selected client was Kraft, and the brief was to strategize a print ad campaign targeting parents of young kids during back-to-school time.

Strategy & Execution

It’s known that young parents have a lot on their plate. Need a break? How about some arts & Krafts? Spill out some uncooked noodles for the kids before dinner to keep them occupied so you can prepare their favorite mac n’ cheese peacefully, without interruption. A young mind needs creative fuel. These full-page print ads pull them off their screens and satisfy their hunger.

“The Mona Lisa” – Leonardo da Vinci

“The Scream” – Edvard Munch

“Girl With a Pearl Earring” – Johannes Vermeer

I was inspired by one of my favorite kindergartner activities that sparked my pursuit of art; dry macaroni noodles and glue. Today, one of the only ways to get a kid to give you a break is putting them in front of a TV screen. Why not have a kinesthetic learning experience and fun at the same time? Follow the simple instructions on the top of the full page ad, "Glue noodles to the page to finish your Kraft creation," and you'll have fridge-worthy art.

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