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New York City, NY | March 2020

“The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is one of the world’s largest and finest art museums with over 2 million works of art.” — MET Site

The previous day, I’d visited The MoMA. Now it was time for some more classical pieces. I ate a hot dog on the steps outside and took a couple of pictures for other tourists before going in. JP, my boss at my internship gig (The Edge360), has a daughter my age who also loves art. She joined me in the museum later that evening. 

Here’s a collection of my favorites:

Untitled - Gregory Crewdson
Tablecloth - Juan Gris
Dance - Henri Matisse
Wheat Field with Cypresses - Van Gogh
Cypress in Moonlight - Evard Munch
Water Lillies - Claude Monet
Notre Dame de la Garde - Paul Signac
Self Portrait with a Straw Hat - Van Gogh

I feel very lucky about the timing of the trip. COVID19 was just starting to kick-off in America. When I first arrived, nothing was unusual, there was no paranoia. However while sitting at the LaGuardia airport to return to CO, I received dirty looks for having an innocent cough.

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