The Edge360

— Graphic Design Intern —

The Edge360 is a multidisciplinary design thinking and brand strategy agency based in Denver, CO. We work closely with bespoke clients from across the globe. Rule #1: Great campaigns depend entirely on passion, creativity, and a big fat cheque. My main responsibilities include: curate images for blog posts, design web pages and layouts, create pixel-perfect mockups, print and digital advertisements, and edit videos.

A full-service home automation service for luxury marine, commercial, and residential spaces.

Image selection and extensive retouching for weekly blog posts

Logo layouts for brand affiliates

Web page mockups

Digital (email) & print (magazine) ads

Acoustic Architects challenged us with revamping their brand and taking their company to the next level. The big question: How could we build trustworthiness and show the expertise required to communicate smart home technology to affluent clients and their home design partners?

“Responsive Living” was coined as the brand trademark, the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart-home technology.

I'm tasked with creating several weekly article images for their blog posts that are shared on their website, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The images are carefully selected after analyzing the article, and often heavily retouched, adding and eliminating elements. Click here to see some of my favorites. I also design layouts, email ads, and print ads. Additionally, I use Premiere Pro to edit product videos featured on their site.


Florida-based home healthcare provider of nursing assistants and care specialists.

Mockups for various brand collateral, including mobile screens, business cards, stationery, outdoor ads, and medical ID’s

The client, a Florida-based home healthcare provider of nursing assistants and care specialists needed to revamp their brand ID and communication strategy. The big question was: How to build a connection with those seeking healthcare and communicate integrity in a highly saturated market? I made pixel-perfect mockups in Photoshop and Illustrator with the consistent brand elements that communicate "heart of home health care."