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Client Testimonials

A little bit of bragging… staying humble.

Juan Pablo “JP” Sobrevilla

Founder & Art Director at The Edge360

Lauren has been a graphic design intern for our agency for about a year. She’s a pleasure to work with. Always with a good attitude to learn, design, and do her magic. One of the things I appreciate about her is how carefully she reads the design briefs and ask questions when needed to make sure she got things right. Thanks, Lauren!

Morgan Hitz

 Experience & Brand Strategist at Merkle

Working with Lauren for the 2+ years that we spent together at American Campus Communities was nothing short of a wild ride, but that’s the student housing industry for you. Lauren was a leader on our team who set the tone for our internal dynamic by upholding team morale and using her tenured expertise and meticulousness to “QA” every project that came our way. Similarly, she handled every client engagement with professionalism, poise, and (most importantly) humanity. Of course, if you know Lauren, you know that her talents range far beyond what she achieved in the student housing industry, where we both began our careers.

Not many modern creatives have a knack for traditional marketing and design thinking backed by MoMA-worthy skills in the fine arts, but what will impress you the most about Lauren isn’t just what you’ll find on her LinkedIn or what’s left after she picks up a paintbrush. Lauren specifically brings tremendous value to brands through her humanistic approach to communication and design. What can I say? She’s a “people-person,” and it shows not only through how she captures emotion and using her powerful design and illustration skills, but through the way she engages with others; the energy and kindness she brings when she shows up. How we show up for people is one of the most powerful tools in our toolbox, and Lauren has mastered the trade.

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