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CU Boulder Senior Showcase, 2019

3 ft x 5.5 ft | Acrylic paint | January 2019

The theme of our final show: Home & Garden.

We were free to interpret that however we wanted. A couple of my classmates even built and decorated unique pieces of furniture. Most of us decided to stick to traditional paints.

Here’s a poem my class co-collaborated for the exhibit:

Home is-

the pace of your walk

the vibrator in your sock drawer

the burning cigarette in your ashtray

that goddamn toe-stubbing corner

the thud of your roommates steps

the adjusted seat in your dad’s Volvo

the smell on your carpet

the sounds of your neighbors having sex

the fruit you let go bad

the gunk in your sink

the oil stains on your driveway

the flowers on your drapery

the guilt of an affair.

My concept focused on the dread of returning to suburbia. With graduation approaching, there’s a lot to question about what to do next in life. I know that I want to do something new and exciting, but I’m impatient for it to happen.

The professor was so encouraging; she gave me a large wooden frame from her personal supplies and told me to, “go big or go home.” I bought loose canvas and watched YouTube videos on how to stretch it myself. I took the frame and canvas out to the yard, stretched it tightly, and used a staple gun to secure it. Afterward, I took boiling water and poured it all over to achieve optimal tightness. Much more intensive than a quick trip to Michael’s or Blick.

I turned my tiny college bedroom into a makes-shift studio. I bought a large tarp, borrowed a studio light,  and got messy. 

This is by far the biggest piece I’ve ever attempted (so far.) I spent 4 sleepless nights finishing it, shoutout to Redbull, and it was still wet when we loaded it into my friends’ Jeep.

Symbols included in the painting are: distraught 1920’s housewife with small alien-like eyes, my childhood home, a white picket fence depicting the “American Dream,” the Holy Bible, Anarchy stars on the flag, blood, cold colors, and a UFO.

Pictured bottom right: ’19 Advanced Painting studio class. My awesome teacher @ericapodwoiski and guest speaker @rebeccamorgan10 giving us a unique lecture in the Boulder cemetery. 

The final show was, honestly, emotional. I’d been taking classes with most of these people for the past 4 years, and a few of us became close friends. It’s so rewarding to see how much we’ve all grown as people, and as artists, during that time.

Our exhibition was located on the top floor of the Visual Arts Complex on campus, backdropped with a beautiful view of the Flatirons. Our teacher brought some cocktails and snacks on our opening night, welcomed by friends and family.

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