— Graphic Designer —

Seth Perler created ShineOn Coaching, a service to help struggle students. He's an executive function coach, educator, vlogger, and a dude who cares about seeing outside-the-box kids succeed. My responsibilities include: website updates, YouTube video thumbnails, successfully marketing his material on Facebook, Pinterest, and via email. I also make learning material for his students, such as infographics & PDFs, and edit video transcripts.

Each year, Seth hosts The Executive Function Online Summit (TEFOS). It's a three-day event crafted for parents, teachers, and other professionals who want to learn about neurodiversity from over 20 experts.

The website is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile

Facebook ad graphics

Vimeo video thumbnails

He wanted to incorporate graffiti into the designs, so I used that as an overlay in the background. To make the text pop, I selected a bright green with a slightly darker gradient at the bottom for depth. These graphics were shared by nearly 100 affiliates to their entire network. I heavily marketed the event on Facebook and Pinterest. Over 40,000 people participated in the 2020 summit. I also acted as the affiliate manager for the summit and meticulously edited the video transcripts.

Iceberg Theory Infographic

A graphic explaining the underlying challenges with neurodiversity.

Executive Function Roadmap

Multi-page document to help parents and students understand EF.

Social Media Marketing

Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.

Pinterest posts

Weekly vlog email (left) and YouTube channel (right)

The Results: Since I joined Seth's small team, his weekly email outreach has more than doubled (20,000 to 50,000). He's gained 4,000 new YouTube subscribers and hundreds of new Pinterest followers. Additionally, there's over 8,000 new members in his Facebook groups. It continues to grow daily!