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SEO Stocks

New Client| Kordspace

Dan Skinner and Frank Mirandi are the minds behind SEO Stocks. The objective of the site is to provide news, perspective and insight for people looking to invest or better understand retail trading, cryptocurrency, and NBATopShot.

SEO Stocks (launching mid-March, 2021) will provide users a freemium service initially allowing users to follow popular news over AMP Google News Feed Service, tracking trade signals and updates for consumer stock options such as GameStop, DogeCoin, Signal, Sub Reddit WallstreetBets, and more. SEO Stock endeavors to give you the inside scoop on what’s going on with the consumer investment hive mind. The brand will feature mostly white theming with accents of green, in line with LOA.

Logo Iteration Process

In the very initial step, I’m just experimenting with stock icons (shoutout to the Noun Project), fonts, and main colors to put the feelers out there. The rocketship idea was thrown out, but the client liked the middle font.

This idea illustrates a market ticker. The arrows show gain and loss, and the zagged line in the center represents the ups and downs in stocks. Blue for trust, green for finance, and yellow for clarity. We’re starting to get somewhere now.

This concept was the winner. The body of the ‘O’ with the upwards arrow forms an abstract magnifying glass to communicate informational analysis. Subtle gradients are added to create depth and contrast.

Final Mood Board

A green arrow symbolizes growth and security. The final logo selection added a subtle dark gray to lighter gun metal gray on the text. The client specifically asked for the ‘E’ to be red, which balances the ‘O’ and is a reference to market loss.

Website design UI principles should lean towards a mostly white UI with subtle green and red accents. Imagery will include homage to analytics dashboard marketing for companies such as The Trade Desk (TTD) with counters and news channels displaying on the homepage. The navigation of the site will be focused towards it’s blog and finding articles related to stocks & assets that interest the customer base and stakeholder community of SEO Stocks.

How would you explain stocks to a 5 year-old? Asking for a friend. Comment below! Help support my work by giving me a follow on Instagram. Cheers!


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