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Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up? My name is Lauren Macdonald, I’m a graphic designer and visual artist. I thought I’d make a quick video to introduce myself and go over my resume since reading is boring.

To get started, I’m fresh out of design school; I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in May of 2019. Sko Buffs. The official title of my degree is a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications Media Design, which is just a fancy way of saying advertising or graphic design. I also received two minors. The first one is called TAM, which is short for Technology, Arts, & Media. I learned all about the Internet, typography, digital photography, as well as creative coding with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. My second minor is in Studio Arts, I emphasized in digital art and painting, specifically with acrylics. During school, I worked as a leasing and community assistant for years at the apartment complex I lived at. I leased over $1.2 million in real estate, helped with social media, and dealt with the SWAT team (but that’s a whole other story.) While I was at CU, I was also on the intramural dodgeball team. We didn’t win a single game, but we had the most fun.

So I’ll tell you a little bit about my job experience relevant to the industry. I’m currently working as a graphic design intern at an agency in Denver called The Edge360. I’ve been there for nearly a year now, working directly with the agency’s founder/art director. Our clients cater to consumers living luxurious lifestyles. I work on a lot of projects with a high-end home automation company called Acoustic Architects, as well as a private flight business called ExpertJet, to name a couple. I create mockups (everything from apps, email flyers, print materials, clothing, business cards, stationary’s), and I also select and edit images for their weekly blogs, help with redesigning the websites, and edit videos. I’ve learned so much during my time here and I’m very grateful for this experience. 

Right now, I’m also working for a company called ShineOn Coaching, which was started by Seth Perler. He’s a great guy that develops coaching resources for parents and teachers with “neurodiverse” students, this typically means kids who struggle in school due to ADHD, autism, trauma, or anything else. For him, I do a lot of work in WordPress updating his two websites. I heavily work on his social media platforms using Canva for Pinterest, YouTube, there are several Facebook groups, he has a blog, and there’s soon-to-be an Instagram. I also create digital graphics, PDF’s, and I’m a direct contact for customers as an affiliate manager.

Previously, I worked for a Boulder-local CBD start-up called Modern Hempi. I designed the branding, logo, and packaging for all of their products. I also made the logo for their second company, which is a business-to-business hemp seller called Sunshine Connect. Before that, I briefly did a project with Modern Market Eatery by collaborating with a copywriter there and drew up a couple of A-Frame advertisements about their student discounts.

An overview of my skills includes an advanced working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. I’ve also worked with InDesign and Premiere Pro. I built my portfolio website from the ground up using WordPress, and my previous site was through Squarespace. I’ve worked with UX/UI prototyping applications such as Invision. I’m proficient in social media marketing, branding and strategy, Microsoft Office, and I have basic coding skills. I’m always making art, so I’m confident in my illustration skills. I also enjoy working with my Nikon DSLR on photo projects. I love being in a team environment and working alongside other passionate people. 

A few other notable accomplishments I have: I was an international finalist and received a Merit for my submission at The Young Ones, One Show. This is a competition for advertising students, and my brief was for Kraft Mac & Cheese. I’ll post a link to this project in the video description. My painting and digital artwork were also featured in a couple of gallery shows here in Boulder and Denver.

Additional highlights include an epic 2 month-long backpacking trip across Europe in the summer of 2018. I visited 10 countries and my favorite city was Amsterdam! It’s so awesome seeing how big the world is, and how different cultures live. If I could travel forever, I would. Randomly, I was the #1 Youth drummer for 2 years in Colorado Springs. I played the drum set for years before getting roommates and I miss it every single day. Throwing it all the way back to high school, I was the lead Yearbook designer, and I spent 8 years volunteering at a no-kill dog rescue called PalsForever while growing up in Colorado Springs.

To wrap this up, I’m currently seeking a full-time creative opportunity, and I hope to find the perfect fit. If you have any questions for me, visit my site for my contact info and I’ll leave other important links in the video description. Thanks for watching!

This was my first time ever creating a vlog. Here’s my little makeshift studio.

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