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Stop-motion timelapse drawing of the Venus de Milo

12 x 16″ | Mixed Media (graphite & colored pencils) | May 2018

This piece was for a stop motion assignment in my Image class. The only requirement was that the final video had to be at least 30 seconds long.

I wanted to work with the idea of anonymity and its relationship to feminism; which is especially interesting considering the ongoing movements for equality and justice within the political agenda, as well as the entertainment industry (#MeToo).

The Venus de Milo by Alexandros of Antioch is one of my all-time favorite works, and she embodies love, beauty, and sexuality. According to historians, her disfigurement is the consequence of male desire and greed:

“As for the Venus de Milo’s missing limbs, there long have been claims they were broken off in 1820 during a fight on the shore of Melos, as French and Turkish sailors vied for possession of the artwork.” – History.com

I combined modern plights of feminism with classic elegance by giving her a few tattoos and piercings. I’d been working on “remixing” timeless works.

I setup a tripod with a DSLR over my workspace. I then connected my phone via Bluetooth and did my best attempt at not physically moving the camera. This drained the batteries quickly, though. I’d have to stop and let it charge every two hours, which messed with the lighting.

In the end, over 800 pictures were taken over the course of three 2-hour sessions. I imported the images into Adobe Premiere and created a sequence.

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