Modern Hempi

— Package Designer —

A local CBD start-up company based in Boulder, CO with the mission to “bring the power back to the people, make organic medicine accessible, and empower them to take their health into their own hands.”

Logo Design

The client requested a bohemian-style brand design for Modern Hempi (B2C). I created the logo, artwork, and package design for all of the products.
Additionally, I worked with their second start-up company called Sunshine Connect, a B2B CBD company created to distribute hemp products to retailers.

The Modern Hempi logo was hand-drawn in Illustrator, as well as the additional elements (geometric shapes and feathers).

The Sunshine Connect logo features the iconic Flatiron mountains in Boulder. Colorado gets more days of sun per year than Florida, and each variation communicates the relaxed vibes associated with CBD.

Package Design

Six unique products developed to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, increase heart health.

Bath oil, hemp tincture, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum MCT Oil, and warming and cooling muscle rollers are the launch products for Modern Hempi. Each label is on a cork print and features the logo, the product type in a custom font, and a specific color feather with matching geometric shapes. The copy on all of the package designs include the ingredients, dosage, directions, mission statement, and about.