— Visual Designer —

Kordspace is a web & app development agency specializing in blockchain & IoT hardware, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intel logistics. Some clients are listed below.

Musiclear — Mobile App

AI used to predict an artist's potential financial revenue and connect them to producers.

SMCK Media and Kordspace developed music AI technology to accurately forecast an artist's max return rate. I was responsible for building three unique prototypes in Adobe Xd (above). The three sets of screens are for (1) artists, (2) record labels, and (3) admins. In total, I completed all of the 29 screens and sent them off to the coding wizards. See the full master production screens here.

The mood boards (below) pitch a bold color scheme and modern 'rock and roll' logo. They summarize the clients' wishes and expanded on the brand vision.

Mood board page 1

Mood board page 2

This new futuristic software is also being used to write computer-generated poems. I made a blog post about it here; I recommend reading it because it's mind-blowing.

My Responsibilities at Kordspace

I focus on marketing, mood boards, and creating prototypes for a variety of sites and apps.


Patriot Forklift — Website

Formally "Forklift Select," Patriot Forklifts are the leading supplier of forklift trucks in the US.

The brand needed a complete overhaul. I was in charge of redesigning their website by creating production screens to send to the web developers. By doing this project, I learned about parallax scrolling and a lot about forklifts. Did you know that forklift rodeos are a real thing?

Load to Ride — Financial Dashboards

Load to Ride Transportation is a regional and national transportation leader.

This application will manage truck routing and brokering with visual statistics. This will streamline the process for all employees, and cut costs for the company. There are 5 screens in the financial dashboard (Overview, Revenue, Payroll, Assets/Fuel, Amortization) and several pop-up modules. Get an up-close view of all the screens here.