— Visual Designer —

Kordspace is a web & app development agency specializing in blockchain & IoT hardware, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intel logistics. My main responsibilities include: UI web and app designs, prototypes, mood boards, logo design, and various marketing collateral.

Mortgage Ready - Mobile App

Professional Credit Restoration Company formed in Denver, CO. This app is created to streamline the business process for all employees. There are two separate platforms, one for Loan Officers and another one for Credit Analysts. The interface of this mobile app reflects and expands on the current branding guidelines from the company site, www.mortgagereadyllc.com

Mood board

Typically when a new client is onboarded, the first step is to create a mood board to pitch new branding suggestions (click here to see SEO Stocks example). This client is unique because they wanted to keep their current style. Instead of a new logo, I resourced vector files and extensively edited them to use as UI assets.

Before opening Adobe XD, I always start with pen and paper for initial sketches. These provide a basic layout reference during the build and include the most important information needed on each screen. This app has a large database behind it, so organzing all of the information in an intutive way was essential. In total, 61 screens were made. Click here to watch the prototype recording.

Musiclear — Mobile App

SMCK Media and Kordspace developed music AI technology to accurately forecast an artist's max return rate. I was responsible for building three unique prototypes in Adobe Xd (above). The three sets of screens are for (1) artists, (2) record labels, and (3) admins. In total, I completed all of the 29 screens and sent them off to the coding wizards. This new futuristic software is also being used to write computer-generated poems. I made a blog post about it here; it's mind-blowing.

Load to Ride — Financial Dashboards

Load to Ride Transportation is a regional and national transportation leader.

This application will manage truck routing and brokering with visual statistics. This will streamline the process for all employees, and cut costs for the company. There are 5 screens in the financial dashboard (Overview, Revenue, Payroll, Assets/Fuel, Amortization) and several pop-up modules. Get an up-close view of all the screens here.