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College Capstone Project

The Brief: InXAthlete connects current and ex-student athletes directly to employers (a sports version of LinkedIn). We were asked to develop a brand strategy to spread awareness about the service to both universities and students.

Execution: My team and I decided on creating a company mascot. Brand swag would be given away at tailgating parties, and YouTube ads targeted on college channels. I was responsible for all of the design aspects of the campaign, including the pitch and plans book.

We spent a full month completing in-depth research, including:

  • FULL situation analysis
  • campaign & media objectives
  • target market
  • creative strategy
  • timing & budget

I used Adobe Illustrator to hand-draw the mascot. Photoshop was used to create all of the mockups, and InDesign was used for the Plans Book. We presented our strategy in front of the client as well as the class.

[The colors and X logo were the originals].

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