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AI Poetry

Oracle AI | Kordspace

A couple of months ago, I was really lucky to get a new UX/UI/visual design contract gig at Kordspace, a web and app development agency. 

I’m geeked out to be entering the UX/UI world. I have so much to learn from my new boss, Marco Lopes. He’s a wizard when it comes to IT and design and is helping to build my coding and back-end systems skills. My main role is developing production screens for mobile apps and websites, but sometimes there’s a unique project.

I was super excited when Marco brought a typewriter to the office one day. He’d just finished developing an AI system that creates poetry. A human needs to type the first line and then the code will follow the prompt. Viola!

The process was surprisingly tedious. After the poem was generated, I took the poem into Google Docs and began formatting it on an 8×10-inch template with 1-inch margins. Then, I measured the content and mapped it out with a pencil on a blank piece of paper. Everything needed to be perfectly aligned. It took several trials to get used to pounding at the keys. I kept looking for a backspace button out of habit!

Below is my favorite one:

Several other honorable mentions:

You can check out all of the poems on their Instagram, @oracle.poems, and learn about the futuristic projects ARCQ is working on here.

While doing this process, I started thinking about the future impacts of AI in society. What will the ramifications be of more advanced technology? I believe that the ability to be creative is uniquely human, and AI is starting to change that.

How do you think AI will effect society? Comment below! Help support my work by giving me a follow on Youtube or Instagram. Cheers!

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